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Optimum Learning

Do you need to develop your team members, but don’t have the time or budget to plan bespoke training?  Do you need an efficient and cost effective approach?

Our Optimum Learning © courses can be delivered exclusively for your organisation at a date and location that suits you.   In-company training is highly effective in delivering new knowledge, skills and competencies quickly so that learning may be applied immediately. All of our programmes are very interactive and focus on optimising learning and building skills and capability to enable practical application.  At the same time we believe in creating an enjoyable and ‘safe’, but challenging, learning environment to optimise development.

If you have four or more people that need training in the same subject, our in-company training could be the best and most cost effective approach.   These programmes can also be tailored to your specific needs.

To download details of the courses below, please click here:  Optimum Learning

Effective Recruitment and Selection

Aims and Benefits: 
To enhance effectiveness in recruiting and selecting staff in order to avoid expensive errors and optimise success in recruiting and retaining the best people to suit your organisation.

Target Audience:   HR professionals or line managers who are responsible for recruiting staff

Programme Outline:
  • Attracting talent; the benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce 
  • The recruitment and selection process:  Key elements
  • The costs of ‘getting it wrong’
  • Equal opportunities:  Dealing with subjectivity, diversity and good practice
  • Compiling a job description and person specification 
  • Creating competencies
  • Structuring the interview
  • Interviewing skills:
    • Preparing questions
    • Questioning techniques
  • Practicing your interviewing and selection skills:  Role playing a selection interview 
  • Making a decision:
    • Arriving at soundly-based selection decisions 
    • Evaluating candidates at shortlist stage and after interview 
    • Feedback to unsuccessful candidates 
  • Summary and action plan

Duration:  2 days

Performance Review

Aims and Benefits:
This course focuses on reviewing and developing performance on an on-going basis, building confidence as an appraiser, understanding how to agree and review performance metrics and develop effective review and feedback skills.

Target Audience:   Anyone who is responsible for the performance and review of staff

Programme Outline:

  • What is the purpose of performance review?
  • The performance review cycle
  • The link between performance review and organisational success
  • Preparing for performance review
  • Conducting an effective performance interview 
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Giving acknowledgement and praise
  • Looking back - Reviewing previous performance
  • Looking forward – Achieving buy-in and and agreeing SMART(er) objective setting, KPIs (key performance indicators) and action planning
  • Following-up
Duration:  1 day

Key Influencing Skills

Aims and Benefits:    
This course will help you communicate with others more effectively and provide key techniques to get yourself heard and encourage others to value your opinions 

Target Audience:   This course is relevant to a range of people, in fact anyone who wants to enhance their influencing skill to help them achieve better results.

Programme Outline:

  • What makes an influential communicator?
  • Assessing your influencing style
  • Core behaviours that will help you influence
  • Influencing strategies
  • Avoiding manipulation
  • Making your case
  • Summary and action planning

Duration:  1 day

Train the Trainer

Aims and Benefits:  
This is a very interactive and practical programme focused on developing key trainer skills and building confidence so that new trainers are well prepared for immediately applying their skills in their work environment.

Target Audience:   New or aspiring trainers who wish to make an impact
Programme Outline:
  • How to write training objectives aligned with business need
  • Using Icebreakers to best effect
  • Building rapport 
  • Principles of adult learning and how they influence learning
  • Deciding on delivery methods
  • Using appropriate visual aids to support learning
  • Creating an effective learning environment
  • Developing effective communication skills in the learning environment 
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Understanding questioning techniques 
  • Managing challenging trainees  
  • Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback 
  • Practical application – practicing training delivery
  • Summary and action planning

Duration:  2 days

Facilitation Skills

Aims and Benefits: 
To enable delegates to move from trainer to facilitator, developing a personal style that achieve results 

Target Audience:  Experienced trainers who are ready to take their skills to the next level

Programme Outline: 
  • What is successful facilitation?
  • The difference between training and facilitation
  • Types of facilitator and facilitator behaviours
  • Core facilitation skills
  • Principles of adult learning
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Group development
  • Practical exercises - active listening, clarifying, questioning, observing, giving feedback and managing time
  • Managing conflict 
  • Skill practice -apply a range of facilitation techniques

Duration:  2 days

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