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We recognise that organisations are under time, deadline and budgetary pressures, but the need to optimise staff performance continues. These Optimum Hour© intensive workshops provide an opportunity to develop skills and maximise learning in only one hour, or a little longer, while minimising disruption and expenditure.

Workshops can be run as one-offs or consecutive learning sessions and are designed for up to 12 delegates.  The following is a selection of the topics we run.  To download a details of these workshops, click here:  Optimum Hour

Improving Communication
(Based on Language of Influence Communication Model)

Aim:  Improve effectiveness of communication by understanding your own and others’ communications styles

Target Audience:  Managers who want to increase the effectiveness of their communication 

Session Outline (1 hour duration)
  • Introduction 
  • Communication model (Language of Influence)
  • Identifying your style (exercise) 
  • Helping you get your message across
  • Applying what you’ve learnt
  • Summary and action plan

Managing Difficult Conversations

Aim:  Improving confidence at holding awkward/difficult conversation

Target Audience:  First line managers or those new to dealing with management issues 

Session Outline (1 hour duration)

  • Introduction
  • Defining difficult conversations: e.g. appraisal, performance, sickness 
  • Conversation framework
  • Using the framework (exercise)
  • Applying your learning
  • Summary and action plan

Objective Setting

Aim:  To enable delegates to write effective, SMART objectives and understand how they align with organisational objectives

Target Audience:  Managers and supervisors who manage teams

Session Outline (1 hour duration)

  • Introduction
  • Developing a common understanding between the manager and team members 
  • Involving team members in the objective setting process
  • Introducing SMART(ER) objectives
  • What should we/can we measure?
  • Writing objectives (exercise)
  • Summary and action plan

Decision Making

Aim:  To enable participants to resolve problems and make decision with confidence

Target Audience:  First line managers, supervisors and individuals

Session Outline (90 minute duration)

  • Introduction
  • The problem solving process
  • Characteristics of an effective decision
  • The stages in the problem solving process
  • Tips for making decisions
  • Decision making (individual and group activity)
  • Summary and action plan

For more information, please call Lesley on +44 (0) 7976 378312 or email through our ‘Contact Us’ page 

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