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Lesley KayeReturning to Work After a Career Break

Returning to work after a career break can be daunting, particularly if it has been the result of  being a carer .  I’m sharing 6 tips to start you on the right path


Lesley KayeThe Network Inspector - REVISITED

What have I learned from a year of networking?


Lesley KayeAre You Ready for the Employment Law Changes in the UK from Today, 6th April 2017?

I don’t often comment on employment law changes but April 2017 brings a wide array of far reaching new initiatives, prompting this summary.  


Lesley KayeNew Year GOALS? Making Progress?

# 1 Coaching Session: .

Six weeks of the New Year have passed and you should be progressing well towards achieving your New Year goals. Or have they stalled, or perhaps they didn’t even get off the ground?

How does the lack of progress make you feel? Demoralised? Ready to give up? Take a deep breath and read on for some ideas to help you re-focus.


Lesley KayeWhy No 'Why' in Coaching?

How do you feel when someone asks you ‘why’? Of course it can depend on how it is said and if the question is personal, but generally, what is your sense of being asked ‘why’? What impact would this simple question have on the coaching environment?


Lesley KayeThe Network Inspector

Much is written about the benefits of networking and how we should conduct ourselves, but what conclusions have I drawn from my own review of networking over the past few months?


Lesley KayeMiscellaneous Musings #1 – Who Really Wants to Work? How Do We Attract Them?

What prompts so many people to apply for jobs and then drop out of the process? Were they really looking for a job? Do they really want to work?

As recruiters, what can we do to optimise the recruitment process?


Lesley Kaye8 Tips For Enhancing Your Career Whilst Studying For A Professional Qualification

Do you simply want to pass that professional qualification or to really enrich your knowledge, skills and capabilities in a way that develops you personally and professionally and enhances your career development? If the latter, then here are some suggestions.


Lesley KayeMeasuring the Impact of L&D Initiatives

A recent CIPD survey reported that only 7% of organisations evaluate the wider impact of L&D initiatives on business or society.

Does your organisation measure impact or ROI?


Lesley KayeLet's Celebrate Success

Too often we focus on the things that go wrong, but let's ensure we take the time to celebrate our successes.


Lesley KayeThe Power of Learning

What can we achieve by stretching and moulding our muscles and that big piece of soft tissue that is our brain?  How could this change our lives, or those of others?


Lesley KayeSecrets of Successful HR Leaders

City Hall, located on the banks of the River Thames in London, proved an apt location for the CIPD London Centenary Conference, with the theme of "Secrets of Successful HR Leaders".


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