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The Power of Coaching to Change Lives

by admin on Friday, April 28, 2017 4:03 AM

I was prompted to write this blog because of an email I received over Easter, sent by a former coachee during her travels in India.  The words in her email and the accompanying picture of her in front of the Taj Mahal showed her absolute delight in life. 

Initially she came to see me as she wanted coaching to develop her capability in managing and motivating others through influence.  She was a little sceptical at first about coaching and wasn’t sure it was for her, but I had been recommended and she was willing to invest to give coaching a try. 

We spent a lot of time defining and refining her goals, peeling back the layers of peripheral detritus and the personal blockages and barriers that get in the way of achieving our goals.  After only 2 sessions she told me that she was shocked by the power of these coaching conversations and how they had already  shifted her thinking.  She was gaining in confidence and beginning to see a bigger picture of her organisation and her world was expanding.

The coaching sessions continued for a while longer and at each session we continued to review progress since the previous session, testing options and ideas and acknowledging success.  Real progress was being made and I saw a real blossoming in my coachee. 

I was therefore very surprised to receive an email, out of the blue, saying that she thought she should stop the coaching sessions;  we had had a few weeks gap between sessions and in the intervening period she had taken the big step of resigning her job and booking flights to travel the world.  It seems that our coaching sessions had made her realise that there were greater possibilities and she wanted to expand her experience in a different ways.

We held a final coaching session to close off our work and my coachee said that these sessions had had a profound impact on her thinking and opened her mind to possibilities. 

My style of coaching is to ‘hold up a mirror to the coachee’, helping them to reflect on their situation, challenge their thinking, helping them to look at the options and possibilities and supporting them in taking steps forward, even the smallest of ones, towards being the best they can be.  Only will I give advice if they are completely stuck, and then only with permission.

I had given some rare advice during that final coaching session and was therefore delighted to receive the email with the picture of the Taj Mahal and the words ‘thank you for the advice before my send off.  It has been food for thoughts and at the cusp of my mind with each new experience’.

Coaching really does have the power to change lives from the smallest steps to ones as big as this.  What can you achieve?  What heights can you reach?  Where can you go?  Can you find your personal power?

If you want support in tapping into your personal power and potential, then do get in touch for a confidential and no commitment conversation.

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