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New Year GOALS? Making Progress?

by admin on Friday, February 17, 2017 6:51 AM
I often find that clients have previously not achieved their goals because they haven’t been clear about what they do want, but have thought more in terms of what they don’t want. When working with coaching clients (coachee) we spend the first session helping them to clarify and clearly define the goals to be worked on. We ask questions, prompt and challenge the coachee to consider exactly what they want to achieve, their goal.

The well-known acronym SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed) is a useful framework to guide thinking. A very simple example might be:

Questions to ask yourself when GOAL setting and how you might respond in this example:

SPECIFIC: Q. What is the specific goal I want to focus on? What will my ‘future reality’ look like? A. I want to wear a dress/suit, which is currently too tight for me, to a friend’s wedding

MEASURABLE: Q. How will I know when I achieve my goal? A. 3 kilos will ensure it fits as this will take me back to my usual weight

ACHIEVABLE: Q. Is the weight loss realistically achievable within the time available? If it isn’t, what is achievable if I work hard at it? Remember, set stretching but realistic goals for yourself – too challenging and it can become de-motivating. A. The wedding is in 4 months and so yes, losing 3 kilos is achievable.

RELEVANT: Q. Do I really want to wear that dress/suit to the wedding? A. Yes, I know I look great in in the dress/suit and it makes me feel really confident when I wear it.

TIME BOUND; What is the deadline date? 3-6 months is an ideal deadline for achieving goals. A. My deadline is 4 months from today

Always frame your goal positively and in a way that resonates as this will motivate you far more effectively. Rather than say ‘I need to lose weight’ make it ‘I will lose 3 kilos by X date so I can wear that fantastic red dress’.

Once you have clearly defined your goal(s), then you can move onto the strategies for getting there.

Confident you can achieve your business or personal goals, or need more support in driving those important goals forward? If so, do get in touch as we would love to be part of your success.

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