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8 Tips For Enhancing Your Career Whilst Studying For A Professional Qualification

by admin on Friday, October 09, 2015 4:12 AM
Are you currently studying for a professional qualification in order to develop your career? Also working full time and feeling the pressure? As someone who completed all my professional studies part-time while working full time, I understand how tempting it can be to think that studying and/or attending classes is enough to get me through.

The question is, do you simply want to pass the course or really enrich your knowledge, skills and capabilities in a way that develops you personally and professionally and enhances your career development? If the latter, then here are some suggestions to help you:

1. Attend events that may be outside of your normal work area to broaden your professional profile, such as this great half-day event on 12th November 2015: Engage the World 2015 – Dialogue Across Cultures. To book: : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/engage-the-world-2015-dialogue-across-cultures-tickets-18042525680.

2. Network - seek out opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with new people from different industries and backgrounds.

3. Volunteer for projects and project teams to gain experience and variety. Being part of a project teams provides great opportunities to meet others from across the organisation, broadens knowledge of your business, enlarges your network and raises your profile.

4. Attend local events provided by your Professional Institute such at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The CIPD holds branch events throughout the country, most of which is free.

5. Read professional magazines and business books that stretch your thinking. Reading new things can start conversations when you’re networking and can also build your own career with new ways to do things.

6. Establish what your preferred learning style is and look for alternative ways of learning that suit you best e.g. if you prefer to learn by watching, the following is an option for learning.

7. Look out for interesting TED talks.

8. Job shadow to see how green the grass is on the other side - find ways to see what it's like doing various jobs through shadowing friends or acquaintances, etc

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