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by admin on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 12:22 AM
A few months ago I received an email from a colleague saying she was celebrating the 10th anniversary of her business and so of course, I promptly sent my congratulations. I wondered, how many years had I run my business? It was definitely many more than 10, but when I checked, I had already passed 15 years and I hadn’t celebrated any milestones.

Of course, I promptly forgot all about it and a few months went past before I was prompted by messages from LinkedIn colleagues congratulating me on 16 years of business. I was delighted with the acknowledgements, particularly as so many other businesses have not survived the difficult economic climate of the past few years.

So why hadn’t I celebrated these important milestones? How often had I read of other organisations celebrating their successes I wonder? I’m not sure there have been many and in reality, I have read far more of organisations holding enquiries about the things that have ‘gone wrong’ or someone senior leaving an organisation because of ‘failures’.

What leads us to take for granted our successes but focus on the negatives or perceived failures? Is this approach simply human nature or something else? Perhaps it is a feature of certain nationalities or types of organisation. It is well evidenced, and we instinctively know, that positive feedback and acknowledging success makes us all feel more positive and builds motivation to further develop performance. We may congratulate others, but forget to reflect on and acknowledge our own success.

I’m therefore celebrating 16 years of LJK Resources and want to thank all my current and previous clients, associates, colleagues and friends for their business, their support and most of all, their positive feedback. After all, that’s what has kept me motivated all these years

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